Bryan Jefferson

Dear Visitors,


I would like to take this opportunity to personally introduce myself to you.  My name is Mr. Bryan Jefferson; I currently teach third grade. I started teaching in 2000 with a degree in English from the University of South Carolina.  I later obtained a Master’s degree from USC and also another Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education.  Because I am a life-long learner, and have a passion for learning, I obtained yet another Master’s degree in Ed. Leadership as well as an MBA in Finance.   I have taught 8th  and 5th grade.  I take great joy in welcoming you and your child into our classroom this year.  I welcome the opportunity to have you come in and share in your child’s learning experience any time you have the opportunity.


It is my goal that this year will be filled with learning and new experiences.  I am a fervent believer that every child can learn and wants to learn.  With this being the case, I believe in meeting every child “where they are.”  I do this by making sure there is constant differentiation of my lessons.  I further believe in having communication within the classroom between the students and myself.  This allows each student to understand that their voice is just as important as mine in the classroom.  I believe in holding myself and all students to the same high expectation.  Less than our best is not good enough.  I present every lesson with the same passion and enthusiasm that drew me to the teaching profession.  This pure love for the profession infiltrates the room and the children find themselves having fun while learning, something many of them are shocked by and did not know was possible.

Again, welcome to the room of the World Changers!