ST1.2: Students work independently and collaboratively in an inquiry-based learning environment that encourages finding creative solutions to authentic and complex problems.
Students are involved independently and collaboratively using an inquiry-based learning model that promotes finding creative solutions to authentic and complex problems. A
In this team-building STEM activity, students stacked and moved cups. They could not touch the cups with their hands. The students were only allowed to use a rubber band and four pieces of string to stack the cups.  Students were given the materials to collaborate, problem-solve, and persevere finding solutions to the challenge.  

Students participated in building challenges during centers to strengthen STEM skills.  During this time, they work on creating 3-dimensional models from 2-dimensional diagrams. 

Students worked in collaborative grouped to move a worm (Fred) from the top of his boat to his life preserver without using their hands. After brainstorming, trials and errors, and revision of plans, all groups successfully “Saved Fred.” legos Pre-Kindergarten students explore the engineering design process as they explore through building with Legos.

A AA Students utilize a common engineering design process and work to solve different problems at each grade level. In this example second grade students had to solve the problem of getting a box of food/water supplies down to firefighters when it was too dangerous to land, without damaging the supplies.  The students were working on other labs with air beforehand.  This lesson dealt with the underlying concept of air resistance.  Many of them came up with making a parachute idea and many improved their design after the first test run.