ST1.3: Students are empowered to personalize and self-direct their STEM learning experiences supported by STEM educators who facilitate their learning.

Opportunities to participate in collaborative problem-solving STEM learning activities and tasks are provided throughout the day using an inquiry-based approach facilitated by Okatie educators. Choice empowers students to personalize and own their STEM learning experiences. Science Fair, solar system projects, Math Buddies collaboration across grade levels, and creating solar ovens are just a few examples.


Students in upper grades buddy with students in younger grades building friendships, explaining concepts, and developing problem solving skills.  Math Buddies is a nonthreatening practice for older students as they teach mathematical concepts to younger students, using school, manipulatives, and hands-on explorations.


Students create digital or 3-D models of the solar system to demonstrate their understanding of planet positions as well as relative distance and size.


Individual or collaborative student participation in the annual Science Fair provides learning experiences in which students engage in the scientific inquiry; asking questions, developing a hypothesis, testing, and recording trials and revising findings.  Students explore concepts in physics, chemistry, and environmental sciences, and carefully explain procedures and findings. 


Students in grades 3-5 participate in an engineering design activity during Science Lab.  Students learned about blueprints and the importance of details in 2-dimensional diagrams.  Students create a 2-dimensional drawing (blueprint) of their new invention including detailed labels so an engineer could build it from their diagrams.



 Students were given a 2-dimensional diagram in which they had to create the 3-dimensional object.