ST1.11: Students are supported in their STEM learning through adult-world connections and extended day opportunities.

Okatie Elementary School provides extensions to learning through after-school experiences such as the TEK club (CS First) and Garden Club. During TEK Club, children learn to use technology tools and applications to research, create and demonstrate their learning.  In Garden Club, children plant, cultivate, and harvest fruits and vegetables.  Throughout the year, students and families can participate in an evening of STEM to include Family Science Night at Okatie or Sunset Science Nights at an area coastal location.  Members from the community meet to help lead our students in exploration, observation, and inquiry. Young Astronauts is a fourth grade club in which students explore aeronautic science and collaborate to solve real-world problems.  Additionally, Eagle Scouts come to our school to work with Cub Scouts in projects across the campus, to include bat boxes, the gazebo, the outdoor classroom, Little Libraries, and a boardwalk to the playground.  These opportunities provide hands-on experiences for children and their families to enhance their knowledge of science in their community.

Bat Boxes.jpg

Local Eagle Scouts joined with Cub Scouts who attend Okatie Elementary School to build bat and owl boxes for the school campus. The animals chosen are native to our area and are also studied through the second and third grade science curriculum. The boxes are placed around the campus to allow students to observe the animals as they interact with the environment.

  Volunteers from the Callawassie Garden Club come to Okatie two to three times a year to work with second grade students in Monet’s Garden. Students are taught how to properly care for and cultivate plants.

Families explore and learn about our natural resources:  freshwater marshes, tidal creeks, and natural habitats at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.  Park Rangers facilitate and guide groups.



 sunset  Families ride through the SNWR with a guide to discuss how the refuge contributes to the ecosystem of the area.
 science   Star Lab, an inflatable planetarium, is available for students to explore the night’s sky.  A STEM challenge is presented for students to solve and work as a team.

 family science
 fish haul creek   An evening of family bonding as tour is taken of the beach and a search is on for natural treasures on a scavenger hunt.  There are ideal conditions for great wildlife in our local environment.
 fish haul