Okatie Elementary SIC-School Improvement Council
Winner of 2013-14 Riley Award

School Improvement Council (SIC)
SIC is committed to assisting the ongoing improvement of the school and student achievement. The council is responsible for establishing and achieving goals set by the members. Together, our members are an impartial voice for the school as a whole, for all our children, not individual students, groups or agendas.
Some examples of what we do are:
● Participate in the development of the five-year School Improvement Plan and its implementation
● Annually update the plan and goals
● Analyze State/Local Testing Data
● Write the annual Report to the Parents

● Assist with implementation of school’s Learning Through Leadership goals
● Participation in District Joint SIC to monitor District/School Growth and possible rezoning
SIC Goals for 2018-19 include:
● Continue to help expand and develop our School of Choice, Learning through Leadership
● Monitor School Renewal Plan
● Consistency with Okie Brags/Citations
● Car rider line safety
● Monitoring intervention program for students – “Flight School”
Help us to Inform, Improve & Impact our school, our community and the Beaufort County School District! Please feel free to contact us with any concerns, questions or ideas.
2018-2019 Meeting Schedule – 7:10-7:40
August 28th
September 18th
October 16th
November 20th
December 18th
January 22nd
February 19th
March 19th
April 23rd
SIC Officers
Kylie Wynne, Chairperson

 Kira Swiger, Vice Chair

Ellen Andreoletti, Secretary