ST1.1: The STEM school/program supports non-traditional student participation through outreach to groups often underrepresented in STEM program areas.

Okatie Elementary provides the opportunity for all students, regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic status, to participate in learning through STEM. 
The current population for Okatie Elementary consist of 574 students. The demographics are as follows:


307 male students

267 female students


18 Asian

83 African American

104 Hispanic/Latino

23 Biracial or Multi-Racial

346 White


Okatie Elementary School is a Learning Through Leadership school of choice providing a comprehensive learning model through student leadership development based on the Leader in Me, or similar approach. Learning Through Leadership program goals include: fostering a student’s self-esteem, discipline, responsibility, confidence, and creativity. Students will learn to set and meet goals, effectively cooperate with people of various backgrounds and cultures, and resolve conflicts and solve problems. Parents, district-wide, have the opportunity to opt in to Okatie Elementary School annually.
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