Car Riders

Good Afternoon Parents,

Overall we have had an awesome start to the school year! Thank you for your patience and support with buses and car riders, each day seems to go a little smoother!

I would like to ask parents who need to assist their students with seat belts to please pull over to the left lane. This will allow the loading line ease in movement. When dropping off your students in the morning, please pull up to the covered area where an adult will greet your student. Please do not unload in the grassy area. Make sure students are loading and exiting from the right side of your car. Do not allow students to cross in front or behind your car.  Lastly, Mr. and Mrs. Lauffer are directing traffic so that buses can also enter and leave in a timely fashion. Please stop when directed.  We would rather you remain in the line instead of pulling around cars that are dropping off students. We are trying to avoid any fender benders in the parking lot. Student safety is our number one goal!

Please have a good day and thank you for your support.