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Car Riders

Car Rider Drop-Off / Pick-Up

  • Morning Drop-off is 7:15-7:40 in main car rider line; 7:30-7:40 2nd line opens at main entrance.
  • After 7:40 a parent must accompany student into office to sign in.
  • Afternoon dismissal starts at 2:45; after 3:05 parents will need to pick up students from the front office.
  • Parents of afternoon car riders must display this year's school issued car tag on their rearview mirror.
  • Please turn off your cellphone once you enter main campus circle. This will limit distractions and maximize student safety.
  • Seatbelts are required, SC State Law.
  • Children under the age of 6 are required to sit in the back seat and must be in a car seat, SC State Law.
  • Help keep our students stay safe and please be respectful of adults on duty.
  • Do not park and cross the bus drop off line in the morning or afternoon. This is a hazard and slows down the line for those loading or unloading students on buses.
  • Stay in your car and off your cell phone.
  • Pull all the way down as far as you are directed. Your child will be brought to you.
  • Put any car seats on the passenger side of the vehicle (right side where we load). It is not safe for your child or us to be walking around the vehicle.
  • Please stay in your vehicle while in line. Let your child be loaded into your vehicle and then pull all the way to the end of the line to pull over if you need to buckle children into car seats or seatbelts.
  • Do not PASS unless directed by a staff member to do so.
  • Busses will be directed to over take so that busses are not holding up traffic and busses can get loaded and on their route. Many bus drivers have multiple routes.

The first few weeks of school the car rider line is especially long. Please be patient, kind and cautious!